What are OEM Replica Wheels?

Original equipment (or OE) refers to the type of wheels that were originally designed for cars and trucks. These are the ones that came from the factory and are called "original equipment wheels." Aftermarket companies create new wheels that look similar to these, and these are referred to as "original equipment replicas." Even though these look similar, they are still differentiated from one another by having minor differences.

Why buy OEM Replica Wheels?

Many daily drivers and enthusiasts choose to get replica wheels due to their various advantages. For instance, if you have noticed that the set of wheels that came with your car has some chip damage, you can easily replace them by getting replacement wheels that look almost identical to those that came from the manufacturer.
If you like the look of your original equipment wheels, but you want something bigger, then you might want to consider getting a replica. These are usually the go-to option due to the number of sizes available.

Where to buy OEM Replica Wheels?

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