Although metal rims can be incredibly strong, they are also vulnerable to various road hazards. This is why it’s important to keep in mind that if your rim gets damaged, it can happen anytime. Having a good set of wheels can help keep your vehicle looking its best. However, before you start investing in new wheels, it’s important to avoid the common causes of rim damage.


To protect your rim, avoid areas prone to severe rim damage, such as those that have minor depressions. Even minor depressions in the road can lead to significant rim damage. Hitting a road hazard at the right angle can twist and bend the rim, which can affect your vehicle's performance and handling. If you have a vehicle that has been hit by a lot of potholes, it’s important to inspect the rim of your car and get in touch with a wheel repair shop.

Curb Damage

If you have ever taken a sharp turn and bumped the curb, one or more of your wheels may have been damaged. Also, parking near tall curbs can be dangerous for your tires since the cement will gradually chip the paint and finish while putting scratches in the metal. Before you buy new wheels, make sure that you inspect your rim for cracks and scratches.