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Cars aren't just for transportation and travel. They represent our aesthetic sense and lifestyle. So you might be thinking to upgrade your car without paying heavy bills.

Upgrading your car can be done in many ways and one smart way is to replace your car’s wheel with high performing and elegant looking wheels. Changing your wheels is not always your choice because no matter how carefully you drive your vehicle, a time reaches when you need to upgrade your wheels for better car performance. Among thousands, we only choose reliable rims of all sizes for your vehicle to improve road grip and braking without consuming extra fuel.

Our custom wheels are made precisely with two-layer clear coating and fine aluminum finish. If you face any unexpected problem after upgrading your wheels like inaccurate speedometer reading, our team of experts is always one call away to help you out! You can order your Volkswagen wheels in three simple steps, Type your vehicle name, make and year and browse our largest collection of Volkswagen wheels assembled with pure metals (material details are given under each wheel) to provide you a wonderful experience.

Your wheelsets will be delivered at your doorstep in 2-4 business days with free shipping on all orders more than 1000$