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20 Inch Rims Fits BMW X6 X5 X4 M Sport Staggered X6M X5M X4M BMW Wheels

$ 975.00
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Complete Set of 20 Inch Rims Fits BMW X6 X5 M Sport Staggered X6M X5M BMW Wheels
20" Rims for All BMW X6 X5 M Sport Staggered X6M X5M BMW Wheels
  • Fronts Sizes: 20x10
  • Rears Sizes: 20x11
  • Fronts Offsets: +40
  • Rears Offsets: +37
  • Centerbore: 74.1
  • Gloss Black Finish
  • OE Center Caps Interchange
  • SKU 20BM24GB
Warranty guaranteed on painted, machined, and chrome wheels for 12 months on the finish and structure of our wheels. Warranty starts from the date of purchase under normal wear and care conditions. Damage from corrosion due to road salt or chemicals is not covered. 
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